Oak Furniture Collection P/L, or more commonly known by our trademark, Oak® (sleeping, dining, living), is an Australian-owned company founded in 2007. Our mission is to provide you with premium products and services at affordable prices.
At Oak®, we use traditional techniques to bring you hand-crafted furniture pieces that are like no other on the market.
Our commitment to our mission can be seen by our manufacturing process:
  • We use premium-grade hardwood timber with the moisture-rate controlled within 8-12%, ensuring the none-movement of our products.
  • We finish all our furniture with multiple coats of hand polish, providing you with a fine, satin finish.
  • We produce all our products with a Mortise-Tenon structure, entailing the maximum stability.
  • We use environmentally friendly, water-based paint, leaving minimal impact on the natural environment during the production.
  • We buy timber from the sources certified by FSC certification. It means the timber we use is all from the legally certified, sustainable harvesting practice.
  • We have a number of designers working with us to ensure that every single piece of furniture is unique.
All furniture on the market everyone needs. Only Oak® furniture everyone wants!


From the initial artists‘ impression (incorporating traditional and modern trends, colours and materials) to the outline and product representation, only the best are selected to be demonstrated in our showrooms.

“Environmentally friendly”

Timber is the most environmentally friendly building product in use today. It is natural, re-useable, recyclable and sustainable. Simply by choosing to use timber you are helping our environment. People prefer to live with timber – its colour, warmth and grain design is visually appealing.

The Craftsmen

we are still using craftsmen wherever we can although it’s more expensive. Excellent craftsmanship is one of the features of our furniture


The method of constructing your Oak® furniture is where the parts and elements are assembled to form a finished product that has been produced to comply with the highest structural standards and design approaches.


All our furniture goes through a 7 coat sanding and polishing process before the final varnish seal. The sealed finish can stop the moisture in the air. It saves you the maintenance you need on unsealed finish. All our furniture is made with premium Oak. Each piece of furniture is built in tenon-mortis joints which provide you with the best quality, most durable, solid timber furniture you will find available.

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